Workshop Experience

My training has been enriched greatly by spending time in other workshops. In addition to the shops mentioned in the Background section, I am very grateful to have been able to work with Gerlinde Reutterer in Vienna to do some retouch, with Gabor Kilyenfalvi in Zwettl, Austria for bow rehair, with Rudolf Neudörfer in Bubenreuth, Germany to learn some basics of bow making, more bow work with Verena Schauer in London, at London's J&A Beare's for some set up, at Phelps under workshop manager Andreas Hudelmayer to do work as an extra, in Nottingham at Wilfred Saunders' workshop to learn about his viola models and in Scotland at my friend Peter Goodfellow's to exchange working methods in making. Thanks also to Gregg Alf for sharing his varnish techniques with me at the Oberlin Violin Making workshops.

Working together with other people taught me the importance of constantly being in touch with colleagues for the learning process. Having been invited to take part in the BVMA's Violin Making Marathon (British Violin Making Association) in 2004 was a great start for me in participating in team work. Thanks to Neil Értz, Tibor Szemmelweisz and John Dilworth for their expertise during the preparations.

Since then I have been to Christpher Germain's renowned Oberlin Violin Making Workshops (Violin Making Society of America) and have taken part in Glasgows Royal Scottish Academy Viola Fest 2007. In addition I have been actively attending Music Courses such as the International Summer Academy Bad Leonfelden (ISBL)and have helped setting up the Viola and Chamber Music Course "Manzara Istanbul" with Siegfried Führlinger (photo).