Warm congratulations to Maria Holzer- Graf for winning an audition for section leader in the "Staatsoperette Dresden" on her Pluhar violin. It is good to know Pluhar violins work well in auditions!

Shkelzen Doli is now playing a brand new Pluhar violin in the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, I went to see and hear it in the Golden Musikverein Hall with the Orchestra conducted by Valery Gergiev. What an exciting evening.

2014/ 2015

Competition results: Congratulations to first prizes won on Pluhar violins:

Muhammedjan Sharipov first prize in "Remember Enescu Competition" Romania 2014

Jeffrey Armstrong winning nationwide all instruments category UNISA (University of South Africa) National Scholarship competition, 2015

Pleased that Pluhar violins are being played in leading positions:

Congrats to:
Maria Holzer-Graf, concert master Vienna Jeunesse Orchestra
Ahim Horvath-Kisromay, concert master Aachen Symphony Orchestra
Wen Wang for winning auditions in Scottish Opera and Royal Scottish National Orchestra
Gongbo Jiang for winning an audition in Royal Northern Sinfonia (Sub-princapal, 1st violin)
Kevin Leung, York Symphony Orchestra, Principal Second Violins

Please also check out Pieter Schoeman on his Pluhar violin, leader London Philharmonic Orchestra, in the live performance of Mahler´s 2nd symphony on Medici TV and Yang Zhang, first violins, No 4 on her Pluahr violin.

September 2013

Pluhar violins is honoured that the Universtiy Salzburg "Mozarteum" has acquired Hans´ most recent violin. Prof. Harald Herzl, Head of the string department praised it as Pluhar´s masterpiece. The violin is made from wood about 100 years old and has an attractive one piece back with matching ribs.

June 2013

Had the wonderful opportunity to meet James Ehnes and show him a violin of mine. He liked it and wrote this endorsement which I am very grateful for. Also find there a youtube video of James playing on the 1709 Stradivari "La Pucelle".

March 2013

Pluhar violins is proud to have been chosen by a major credit card company for an advertising campaign Check it out!

September 2012

Check out "I Love the Violin" on this site!'

May 2012

New on this site: Please visit the 'Endorsements' section!

March 2012

Just delivered two violins to the Cantabile String Quartet of Glasgow. They won an international quartet competition on them a week later. Many congratulations!

February 2012

Warm thanks to Julia Fischer for trying out my new violin in rehearsal of Mozart violin Concerto with the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields. You made it sound just absolutely gorgeous!

October 2011

Many thanks to Vadim Repin for trying out my latest violin! It was great to hear him play on it and get his feedback.

September 2011

Reed Yeboah Fine Violins is pleased to present the upcoming Contemporary Violin Makers Exhibition featuring many of the world's finest violin makers. The Exhibition will take place this October 1st - October 3rd at 1776 Broadway in New York City. The space that will house the Exhibition is not only a spectacular penthouse venue featuring views of Central Park and Times Square, but also a very historic location that was in years past, the studios of Fred Astaire and Billie Holiday!
Hans is proud to exhibit there as well!

August 2011

Please visit our new Testimonials page with comments from players of Pluhar instruments!

May 2011

Congratulations to Michael Schmid for winning an extra player audition with the Camerata Salzburg. Michael plays a Pluhar violin owned by the Mozarteum Salzburg, which is being loaned to him.

April 2011

Thanks to Sebastian Holzknecht for submitting his video playing Schubert's The Bee

January 2011

Pluhar violins can now also be viewed at Julie Reed-Yeboah Fine Violins in NYC

November 2010

Listen to Johannes Wels and the Donauschrammeln in traditional Viennese songs on his Pluhar violin!

September 2010

Watch Cem Muharrem's clip with his band 'Turkish Progessivo'!

June 2010

Check out Ahim Horvath-Kisromay`s high quality recordings of Bartók, Kreisler and Ysaÿe. Congratulations on this wonderful work!

January 2010

Pluhar Violins are celebrating 10 successful years of business. We would like to thank all our customers for their support!

November 2009

This month we are featuring new recordings by Ahim Horvath - Kisromay on a Pluhar Stradivari Model.

October 2009

Please view Max Dobrovich's wonderful shots of my Stradivari copy.

October 2009

Pluhar violins has now become an affiliate of Lark Insurance. You can now do your musical instruments insurance directly from here.

September 2009

Please welcome Cem Muharrem of Brighton, UK to the family of Pluhar violins owners! Cem studied at the Royal College of Music in London with Itzak Rashkovsky and has been recently awarded a Masters Degree in Advanced Performance. He has promised some contribution for the Recordings section of this site.

August 2009

The Turkish virtuoso Özcan Ulucan, formerly assistent of Maxim Vengerov, is currently playing on a Pluhar violin. We hope to hear him in concert or on a recording in the near future!

July 2009

Listen to Gül E. Ersoy Pluhar using her Pluhar viola, a copy of a viola by G.B. Guadagnini, in Morton Feldman's 'The Viola in my Life'.

May 2009

View Richard Valenica's fantastic shots of my cello in posession of Ben Trigg, London.

May 2009

Read the "Product of the Month" in the January issue of "The Strad" regarding our new ViolinGraduation software.

April 2009

Rupert Bawden of London, composer, violinist and violist is now my first customer to own both a Pluhar violin and viola, having just recently purchased the latter.

March 2009

Congratulations to Ahim Horvath-Kisromay for winning a special prize at the NDR - music competititon!

Horvath studies at the Mozarteum Salzburg with Prof. Lukas Hagen and plays a Pluhar violin. Entering the finals as the only string player, his prize is a recording with the North German Radio (NDR).

Watch Ahim play Kreisler's "Schön Rosmarin" in this Youtube video!

January 2009

Listen to 2 new recordings on which Pluhar instruments are featured:

Listen to Pieter Schoeman using his Pluhar violin as concertmaster of the London Philharmonic in solos of Gustav Mahler's 4th Symphony. The original score asks for the concertmaster to use two violins in the Scherzo, one of which is tuned a tone higher and this is Schoeman's Pluhar violin, the other one is his Bergonzi violin.

January 2009

'The Strad' Magazine featured our new software ViolinGraduation in it's January issue in the 'Product of the Month' section. Check out our software demonstration!

January 2009

I have just finished and delivered a commission for 2 new violins for the Music University 'Mozarteum' in Salzburg. The two violins were based on a violin of 1704 of the Italian Master Antonio Stradivari.

September 2008

Pluhar Violins have now also reached Holland: Marleen de Bruin, assistent leader of the second violins in The Brabants Orchestra is now playing my latest violin.

October 2008

The software ViolinGraduation is now for sale. Create your own colour graduation maps. Click on the violin symbol for a commercial Animation.

August 2008

Just working on a new 'Trade Secrets' for The Strad magazine, which will appear in the October issue.

July 2008

I have just returned from a fantastic Oberlin Violin Making workshop, sharing and exchanging experiences with 40 other violin makers.

May 2008

Listen to Monk's new CD Demo version (The man who sleeps on his breath) with a small string contribution of ours.

05 April 2008

Check out some new photos of my viola after G.B. Guadagnini.

2 March 2008

Come to the BVMA's yearly Makers Day and try out hundreds of new instruments. I will have a stand there. For more info please click...

15 March 2008

My most recent Strad "Trade Secrets" is now online! It was published in the November 2007 issue.

2 March 2008

Come to the BVMA's yearly Makers Day and try out hundreds of new instruments. I will have a stand there. For more info please click...

December 2007

• Hear Pieter Schoeman play his Bergonzi
Piazzola, Film recording, Brahms

• Read my BVMA articles on f-hole placement.
BVMA Winter 2005, BVMA Spring 2006

28 November 2007

Pieter Schoeman, leading the LPO, will play the solos of the Scherzo (2nd movement) in Gustav Mahler´s Symphony 4 on his Pluhar violin.
The venue is London´s  Royal Festival Hall. This concert will be recorded by BBC radio and broadcast on November 30th.

November 2007

Look out for another "Trade Secret" of mine in the November issue of The Strad

September 2007

Camilo da Rosa Simões from the Salzburg Chamber Soloists and student at the Mozarteum Salzburg buys a violin of mine.

12 - 19 August 2007

We will be attending the International Summer Academy Bad Leonfelden and have some new instruments there to try.

9 August 2007

Recording session for Sevenahalf records for my brother Philipp's band ´Monk´. Here a photo with Gül on viola and Rina Kacinari on cello. We are looking forward to the release of the album.

For News dating back further visit my News Archive