Oberlin violin making workshop: Making purfling with Peter Goodfellow and Andreas Hudelmayer
Detail from violin "Hogan" 2007
Gül trying brandnew viola Guadagnini model
Me trying the new viola
Erich Höbarth with Gül after a concert
David Ballesteros from the LSO at the BVMA Makers Day 2007
Recording for Monk August 2007Hear a demo here
Stradivari`s P Form mould, outlines used for "Hogan" 2007. Taken from Francois Denis: Traite de Lutherie
My favourite fingerplane for arching
BVMA Violin Making Marathon 2004: Cutting the f holes
BVMA Violin Making Marathon 2004: Interview with BBC
Gül's viola model after G. B. Guadagnini
James Ehnes after a concert with Gül's orchestra