Pieter Schoeman (London Philharmonic Orchestra - Leader):

I fell in love with the Pluhar violin which became mine 4 days later. Three days after trying it, I used it in a concerto performance with the Wiener Concert-Verein. The next day I bought it. I'm blown away by the depth and richness of the bass while sparkling in the upper register. The D string is unusually powerful too.... all in all an amazingly even and balanced instrument with quick emission of sound yet warm qualities that would shine under any circumstances. I will never sell it.... ever.

Shkelzen Doli, member of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra:

As a violinist of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, for me the sound of an instrument plays the most important role. It should imitate the human voice, project well and have a precise articulation. Having searched for such an instrument my life long, I have now found one by Hans Pluhar. I was surprised that a new violin could possess such qualities. My "Pluhar" is one of the best modern instruments I have ever played!

Ahim Horvath- Kisromay:

I won the audition for concertmaster in Aachen on my Pluhar violin. I love it. I never want to change "her". Real pure love.

Rupert Bawden:

I met Hans in London around 1999 as a quartet-playing partner. At the time he was just beginning his career as a maker and would bring instruments along for us to try. I was very intrigued and soon became intent on buying a new violin which I did in 2002, trading up with a second one in 2006 and a viola in 2008. I have performed the Mendelssohn and both Brahms concertos on them as well as many of the big 'plays' of the twentieth-century repertoire, sonatas by Bridge, Walton, Poulenc, Ravel, Ysaye - they have always served me brilliantly. I recently played the Bartok 'Contrasts' for which I borrowed my friend Ambrose Hogan's specially commissioned violin for the scordatura so played two Pluhars within a few seconds. Another friend, David Hoyle, wrote the sound-track to a radio-play, 'Never a Rose,' multi-tracking parts for two violins and viola. Once again Hans' instruments stood me in good stead. I salute him as a major talent!

Mae Betts:

I am so enjoying my Pluhar violin. Simply hearing the sound of this instrument is music to my heart. It has a beautiful tone, a wonderfully even, balanced sound from string to string, and a good response. All of this makes it a joy to play as well as to look at as it is so beautifully crafted too.

Marleen de Bruin:

I play on a violin from Hans Pluhar for two years now , daily with a lot of pleasure. During playing in a symphonic orchestra the violin provides a clear yet profound sound. Playing more soloistic repertoire, I'm happy to notice the ease and comfort in virtuose passages and possibility to make so many different musical colours.

Nick Gazey:

I am now playing a lot thanks to the quality of the instrument not least- the sounds really cuts through the rest.

Ambrose Hogan:

Thank you again for the fabulous violin. I have often reflected that your fiddle was a very good way of spending the money I saved. It was like that moment in Groundhog Day when Bill Murray learns to learn for the sake of learning and playing. And that's when he gets the girl. It is such a pleasure working with your instrument, that I don't know how I coped as a boy and teenager on the instrument I then had.

Sebastian Holzknecht:

Like a wand chooses the wizard, the violin chose me. Once in its spell I couldn't resist the enormous beauty of this instrument. Both the warm-hearted sound and the fabulous appearance convinced me when I took out the violin of its case for the first time. For me this violin is more than just an instrument made from wood. It seems as if I can feel a soul in it's sound like a Samurai feels the soul of his sword when he touches it. Thank you Hans for this great work!

Julius Holzmann:

I want to say something to you as a member of the amateur crowd who are, I'm sure you will agree, just as important in the musical universe. On this violin there is a part of the range which stands out for a particular clarity, strength and richness of sound which lifts you up and makes you thank with all your heart Mozart for the music and the violin maker for the instrument. And a detail that may sound trivial: the pegs really work.

Jill Jones:

Still love the violin and it is becoming stronger and richer with use. An extremely good buy for me. I hope that your business continues to thrive.

Kevin Leung:

"You might be glad to hear that I spent the first 6 minutes just holding it in my hands without playing a note, just appreciating the beauty of your craftmanship. I must express again that the depth of the varnish colours, flames, and shades of light reflecting off the surface and grain patterns, etc, makes it really attractive. I like to compare it to a great soprano or tenor, who has the voice to do the big dramatic roles of the likes of Tosca and Turandot in a really belcanto fashion, but on the other hand, can also scale back and produce the light sweet coloratura. I must say I feel very lucky to have one of your masterpieces - be it an infant whose head is still wet :- ) I will play very patiently and carefully to let it develop and open up."

Beat Marti-Leget

For a month now I am a happy owner of a new Hans Pluhar violin, Stradivari copy, still in the break in period. My grandfather bought a Gustav Luetschg, a copy of del Gesu in Berne a century ago, my father a fine violin from Torino which now is two hundred years old. For a limited time I also played a Stradivari and a Bergonzi, excellent instruments but both far away from my wallet. My Pluhar was very much appreciated now by a well known Russian virtuoso and wherever I show it, people are impressed. After a year I plan to give it to a really skilled young solo player who is really able to get even more out of it and I would like to get again a new instrument of Hans to start scales and double stops over for octaves three times daily.

Camilo da Rosa Simoes:

I bought my Pluhar violin (a Stradivari model) in 2007, brand new. I've been continuously thrilled by its refined and projective sound. And it seems to keep evolving for the better! Besides making great violins, Hans is a really nice guy, open and straightforward.

Johannes Wels:

What I like about my violin:

Yang Zhang

I first played Hans' violin in 2006 when it was just one month old. After playing it for a week I had fallen in love with it. The violin has a mature and rich quality. It has a sweetness on the E string and a mellowness in the lower register, it is a beautiful instrument! Since then we performed (with the London Philharmonic Orchestra) at major halls throughout Europe, Asia and the United States.